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Berlin Colloquium 2017


Name Title Time/Place

Dr. Felix Willmund

Shedding light on protein biogenesis processes in the chloroplast 14.11.2017
Dr. Stephan Rader The Highly Reduced Spliceosome of Cyanidioschyzon merolae 07.11.2017
Prof. Dr. Michaela McNicoll Cellular differentiation state determines activities of RNA-binding proteins in nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling 11.07.2017
Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfannschmidt CEA - Transcription dynamics during chloroplast biogenesis 30.05.2017
Prof. Dr. Sascha Laubinger The functions of introns and splicing in plant stress responses 23.05.2017
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Krause Molecular and functional dissection of Cuscuta plant parasitism 14.02.2017
Dr. Ute Armbruster Towards understanding how photosynthesis reacts to sudden decreases in light intensity 15.11.2016
Dr. Ellen Nisbet Transcription and post-transcriptional processing in the Plasmodium apicoplast 01.11.2016