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Mechanisms and components of GUN1/GLK signalling and its relevance for acclimation

The plastid protein GENOMES UNCOUPLED 1 (GUN1) and the nuclear transcription factors GOLDEN-LIKE1 and 2 (GLK1 and 2) operate in the same retrograde signalling pathway defined by de-repressed LHCB1 marker gene expression during treatment with norflurazon or lincomycin. We found in preceding work that GUN1 and GLK play a role in acclimation to cold. Our project includes: (i) Physiological characterisation of GUN1-GLK functions in the cold, (ii) Identification of novel of GUN1-GLK signalling components by genetic screens, (iii) Dissection of cis-regulatory elements of GUN1-mediated GLK transcriptional regulation, and (iv) Characterization of GLK targets.