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Gender Equality Funds

First Grant

Female PhD-students and postdocs of the TRR 175 have the opportunity to apply for extra funding (of up to 3000 €) to carry out a so-called "mini-project" within the next 12 months. Creative projects with well justified budgets will be promoted.

To apply for funding please submit the following documents as single pdf-file by June 30, 2017 to

Project description (max. 3 pages)
Summary of all costs (including quotations)

Proposals will be evaluated by the TRR 175 Steering Committee.

Learning effects

With this measure female candidates learn to practice all stages of a research grant.

  • Stage 1: Writing of the proposal, including project description, giving thorough details on cost estimates (request for quotations, considering of taxes, transportation fees, etc.)

Once funding is granted:

  • Stage 2: Practical part within the lab, this includes dealing with orders, payments and ensuring to stay within the granted budget
  • Stage 3: Analysis of results
  • Stage 4: Writing a report