TRR 175 The Green Hub - Central Coordinator of Acclimation in Plants

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Berlin Colloquium


Name Title Time/Place
Prof. Thomas Roitsch Assimilate partitioning in higher plants: importance for development, stress responses & biotechnology 23.01.2018, 16 Uhr, Seminarraum Rhoda Erdmann-Haus
Prof. Dr. John Brown The dynamic impact of alternative splicing in the cold temperature response of Arabidopsis 25.01.2018
Dr. Stephanie Müller-Schüssele Probing Photosynthesis in Chloroplasts via Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensors 06.02.2018, 16:15 Uhr, Rhoda Erdmann-Haus, Rm 1023
Dr. Dirk Hincha LEA proteins: Intrinsically disordered plant stress proteins 13.02.2018
Prof. Dr. Iris Finkemeier Novel functions of lysine deacetylases in Arabidopsis

13.04.2018, 14 Uhr, Hörsaal 3, Haus 12

Dr. Dominique Gagliardi mRNA uridylation and decay


Prof. Dr. Markus Teige Chloroplast Ca2+- signalling in plastid development and stress response